Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Russian Lass: Alina Bas

By Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

Height - 1'9
Nationality -Russian
Hometown - Moscow
Birthday – 06 Nov 1989

1.When and How did you become a model?
Alina - My first thought to start modeling were in age of the beginning it was a bit strange, because i wasn't tall and thin enough for it.

2.What differs modeling from other careers?
Alina - Modeling is the job where you can get to learn so much interesting people and be creative in your own way . I just love to travel and do my best to make my work better and be better in it.

3.What's the best experience you've ever had from modeling?
Alina - Every single moment in my life and in my job is very special. I enjoy it as much as I can and hope to make some great stuff in my future.
- we know you will make a lot of great stuff ahead. :)

4.If you're not a model, what would you be doing right now?
Alina - I know that modeling can't be a job for my whole life and I would like to work creative as a graphic designer.
-nice choice!we bet creativity is one of your strengths.

5.What countries have you been to?(for work)
Alina - Russia, Germany

6.Who's your favorite model?
Alina - There are so many great models...I just can't choose only one of them.

7.What's your personal style when dressing up?
Alina - It depends on my mood. That can be very different clothing and different styles every day.

8.What's your best asset?
Alina - my face maybe

9.What's your advice to those aspiring models?
Alina - Girls...don't take it too seriously! ;)

Alina's interview was really fun, she is such a sweet and witty young woman. The whole thing came out very well for she took part actively that's why we loved her from the very start. For now we wish Alina the best for her career and we will always support her until she reaches the top.

[Photos from Alina]_

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