Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Good Vibes: Luiz Fernando Lima

By Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

Height: 1,87m
Nationality: Brazilian
Hometown: Pedro Osório - Brazil
Birthday: 30/01/1983

1. When and how did you become a model?
Luiz – It was 6 years ago, my friend in the university introduced a model scout and I started modelling life in São Paulo.

2. What differs modelling from other careers?
Luiz - Well, the difference is that it is a career that is not guaranteed forever and only a few can actually live with it.

3. What’s the best experience you've ever had from modelling?
Luiz - I think I’m living the best experience NOW, travelling, meeting new people, places, situation, every little thing is important to me.
- We also believe that it’s best to enjoy every moment you are in. :)

4. If you're not a model, what would you be doing right now?
Luiz – I was working in the field of architecture in my home town, and I really want to come back to my studies and work, I love that.

5. What countries have you been to?(for work)
Luiz - South Africa, Argentina and Chile.

6. Who’s your favourite model?
Luiz – I don’t have one! hehe maybe ME!?

7. What’s your personal style when dressing up?
Luiz – as Myself, I have an urban look, not too much glam.

8. What’s your best asset?
Luiz - I think my best asset is day after day I conquest a little space in the world, learn new things, works, jobs are the result of who you are.

9. What’s your advice to those aspiring models?
Luiz - Well, if you really want to run after something, take care of your body, take care of companies, and of course, a competent agency and really take care of their careers, if it did not work in one agency it does not mean it will not work in another. Keep trying. Always have simplicity and charisma. But know when to say no when necessary. That’s it!
-Nicely said, we love the last part the most!

Luiz is such a charismatic and down to earth dude. We really felt his warm and chill aura that’s why we truly enjoyed interviewing him. His good vibes are contagious that we are so enthused on what he was saying. To Luiz, we really love your attitude and we hope you’ll remain as cool as you are, we also wish you more success to come, may it be in modelling or in other career you want to live on. It was a great pleasure interviewing you.


  1. THANKS FOR THE INVITE !!! I really apreciate be on of your Model !!! When you need, just call me ! See U !!! GOOD VIIIIIBES !!!