Monday, January 11, 2010

Go Loco Over Layssa Quirino


HEIGHT - 1.84
BIRTHDAY - 31/03/1988

By Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

1. When did you start modeling?
Layssa - I started when i was 17, in 2005.

2. How did you start modeling?
Layssa - I started to be a model, acctually with some competition when i was 16, but i didnt want to stop my college, and also because i was playing volleyball, but when i was 17, i was in the university and one guy ask me to do some pictures, i went to sao paulo to do it and visit some agencies, and one of the agencies , called me back to be in sao paulo, so i accepted :) was in 2005!!

3. What countries have you been to?(for work)
Layssa - i have been Germany( munich), Thailand( bangkok), Phillippinnes ( manila), Turkey( istanbul), Singapore, and now im going to Malasya ( KL) - (we're grateful that you've been here!)

4. What do you love about modeling?
Layssa - the thing that i like to work as a model, its the opportunity to travel, meet diferent people, thats the thing i love :) open your mind :) be different personality in your shootings :) - (very professional!we love it!)

5. What's the most interesting job you've done so far?
Layssa - fashion shows, its nice and powerfull , when u walk in the stage, with a good music, nice clothes or diferent , i dont know i got some strong energie :P.... -(we know right!we get energy from your beauty!)

6. Who's your favorite model or the model you look up to?
Layssa - Gisele Büdchen, she is the first, but not just because of that, but because i can feel that she loves what she does, and she grow up because she always keep professional and simpatic :)

7. What do you think is your best asset?
Layssa - im really open person, i guess, im very easy to be friend and i love to make friends :)

8. What's your message for those aspiring models?
Layssa - Be a model, its wonderful as much u keep your principle and your family base, u can do whatever u want!! :)...the model life also give u everything from the bad or good side, if u know how to control and choose the good way for you, you are gonna be happy :), always with a smile, be simpatic and keep humble, u ll learn and u ll have the most fun in your life, a lot of history to tell for your family, friends and the people :)....CHEERS:)

Layssa is really nice and sincere with her words when she answered this that's why we're really grateful of having her featured here. We will always support you!

[Photos from her account]_

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