Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mr. Nice Guy: Navarro Pereira

By: Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Project

Height: 1.86m
Nationality: Portuguese
Hometown: Lisboa, Portugal
Birthday: 25/08

1. When and how did you start modelling?
Navarro - I start modelling fulltime in January 2007 when I came to Milano for the first time to do the fashion week.

2. What’s the best thing about being a model?
Travelling which involves meeting people, different cultures, awesome experiences and lot's of stress and fun.

3. What differs modelling from other careers?
Navarro - I use to say that before I was normal now I'm just not! I never know where I'm gonna be at in the next day. Sometimes freaks me out just thinking, imagine, that I'm in Lisbon for one sunny day doing what I like the most, in the same day I can be flying to a different country and then have a job in a another country in the next day. It's kinda confusing sometimes but it's like everything and it has a positive side as well.
Another thing that differs is that somebody is paying me basically just for my image. And in the beginning and because I never thought I became or even that I could be a model, this was too weird for me and I remember I couldn't understand how people could pay me just for that.

4. Name a few people in the fashion industry who have become one of your closest friends.
Navarro - For me it is not hard to make friends but the closest ones I can count them with the fingers of one hand.
- and that’s what we call true friends.

5. What countries have you been to? [For work]
Navarro - So... I started off in my country Portugal then went off to Milano, Italy where I'm based now. Since then I've been to Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), France (Paris), Germany (Munchen), England (London), Poland (Warsaw), Greece (Athens), Turkey (Istanbul) and Japan (Tokyo and Osaka).
- Wow, you’ve travelled a lot.

6. What are the 3 projects/jobs you've done which you consider the best?
Navarro - I'm only going to talk about the Gianfranco Ferré show in 2007 a few days after he died. It was very emotive... In the end of the show children with white dresses came in, white doves were flying and everyone was clapping on their feet. At the backstage all the back staffs was crying. Gives me goose bumps.
- RIP to him.

7. Who’s your favourite model?
Navarro - To be honest I don't have a reference because I started modelling coming out of nowhere and I didn't even know some BIG trademarks...

8.What's your personal style when dressing up?
Navarro – Easy, Simple.
- Simplicity never fails.

9. What’s your best asset?
Navarro - I leave that to the ones who really know me.

10. What’s your message to those aspiring models?
Navarro - From what I hear, the business is not like 10 years ago... It's not that easy anymore. It depends on various aspects. It does not only focus on the looks but on character and personality too. If someone thinks they have it, give it a shot there is nothing to lose. There is always something to gain.
- True! Very true!

Navarro is a perfect example of a gentleman, brief yet eloquent words show how good of a man he is. We truly enjoyed comprehending his words for there’s always a beautiful meaning in it. We are also grateful for his kindness and generosity in sharing his time with us for this interview. Since we believe Navarro is already a well established persona in the industry, all we are wishing for him now is continued happiness in all aspects of his life.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

His name tells it all: Adonis Bosso

By Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

Height – 6"2
Nationality – Ivorian
Birthday – July 10th 1990
Hometown - Ivory coast-Abidjan,
1. When and how did you start modelling?
Adonis - I Started modelling when was 17 a friend of mine brought be to those charity modelling event a few months later a professional model friend of mine brought me to her agency’s open call and they decided to represent me since then I changed agency twice and I am now with montage model in Montreal

2. Have you travelled overseas for modelling jobs? If yes, where?
Adonis - haven't travelled yet for modelling yet but I am planning to go to New York as soon as soon as my college session is done.

3. What are the projects/jobs you've done which you consider your best project so far?
Adonis - The fashion festival in Montreal last summer is the job I am the most proud of it was a great experience and I met some really great people and on top of it was really fun.

4. What differs modelling from other careers?
Adonis - Modelling is like art to me I don't really consider it like a job the fact that with your body you show-off a designer vision and with picture you create a beautiful picture in every frame but like all jobs it’s not easy.
- We believe in the exact same thing! Very well said!

5. If you are not modelling right now, what would you be doing?
Adonis - Well being a black model in Montreal the market is not really big so it is not like I work often so I am currently a college student. I currently study special care counselling and planning to work with kids with special needs in the future.
- aww this is really nice.

6. Who's the model you look up to?
Adonis - Well like all black male models Tyson Beckford is certainly an inspiration. Wendell Lissimore as well is a model I look up to he is very successful as an underwear model and high fashion as well.

7. What's your strength as a model?
Adonis - Maturity
-very clever!

8. What have you learned because of modelling?
Adonis - Maturity is the first thing that comes in my mind I am a really bubbly person and now knowing that my actions might reflect what my agency made me calm down a bit.

9. What's your message to those aspiring models?
Adonis - well modelling is a tough industry lol but it’s fun, if you think you have it then go try but you don't always have to do it professionally go create some art with yourself there are always some great photographers around :-P

Adonis is one of the freshest face in the industry, his strong features makes him stand out among the rest, we are very grateful that we are able to feature him right now because we believe he’ll be making his way on top soon! And we also think that his name really describes him. To Adonis, Thank you for letting us interview you and we hope you’ll reach your full potential.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Girl from paradise: Austria Ulloa

By Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

Height – 5/10.5
Nationality – Dominican
Birthday - august 11 1992
Hometown - Santo Domingo.

1. When and how did you start modelling?
Austria - 2 years ago, I won a modelling contest.

2. What’s the best thing about being a model?
Austria – You get to travel to different places.

3. What differs modelling from other careers?
Austria - Being away from your family and friends, you have to sacrifices a lot of things.

4. What countries have you been to?[for work]
Austria - London, Costa Rica, USA, Italy and Paris.

5. What are the 3 projects/jobs you've done which you consider the best?
Austria - Paul Gaultier for target, GAP campaign and express campaign.
-Impressive indeed!

6. Who’s your favourite model?
Austria - I don’t really have one.

7. What’s your personal style when dressing up?
Austria - I like to dress very fresh and classic at the same time, what a combination.

8. What’s your best asset?
Austria - My hair
- We adore your locks!

9. What’s your message to those aspiring models?
Austria - If that is your dream train to do as much as you can to make it true and this is not an easy world.
- Exactly!

Austria has this very fresh aura we love! Don’t you just feel the same? We love how she combines fun, edgy, classy, chic and everything else in between all together and for her very young age, he works are remarkable that’s why we can tell that for her, the future is very bright! We will always support you Austria!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Man on Fire: Aydin Yasalar

By Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

Height – 1.81
Nationality -Turkish
Hometown - Istanbul
Birthday - 16 03 1981
1. How did you become a model?
Aydin - It was a big opportunity for me. I wasn't thinking about modelling, but one of my friends told me to try this business and then he introduced me to some modelling agencies and photographers. After some initial shootings, they liked my pictures and made contracts.

2. What differs modelling from other careers?
Aydin - First it’s very adventurous, as a model have the chance to travel a lot, know new people, new cultures, and new countries. But in the other hand it is a job where you got to have a much disciplined life style. We have to be healthy and fit because we have to be ready for long working hours.
-we can see you’re truly fit! <3

3. What’s the best experience you've ever had from modelling?
Aydin - My best experience was the fashion shootings for Trendsetter magazine. We work with two photographers and two stylists at same time for haute couture and word famous fashion names. It was a very long work, twenty hours but the result was great.
- That was long but we bet it’s all worth it!

4. If you're not a model, what would you be doing right now?
Aydin - I would like to be a pharmacist.
- wow!

5. What countries have you been to? (For work)
Aydin – A long time in Turkey then in China and in Thailand.

6. Who’s your favourite model?
Aydin - Marcus Schenkenberg.
-actually you look like him in some angles!

7. What’s your personal style when dressing up?
Aydin - I love to wear t-shirt and jeans in my free days.

8. What are the things that are important to you?
Aydin - My passport and my mp3 player.

9. What’s your advice to those aspiring models?
Aydin - First thing is they must always keep in mind that their body are like a musical instrument, they have to care about it. They must also be to ready work hard and have good communication skills. They also have to do some acting lessons to help them in TV commercial shootings.

Aydin is a very warm and friendly guy, interviewing him is purely a pleasure because he’s really nice (not to mention super gorgeous!) that he was participating actively every single time with no fuss at all. We loved his personality a lot specially his down-to-earth attitude. To Aydin, we hope you will stay down-to-earth and kind because those things mean a lot to most people.

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