Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The one man army: JEAN PIERRI MAGARIO

Height - 6´feet
Nationality - Brazilian
Hometown - Sao Paulo/ Brazil
Birthday - 10/08/1981

1.When and how did you start modeling?
JP - I started modeling when I was a little boy . I used to do casting for Tvs a long time ago.. My international career started in 1999 when i first steped in Tokyo japan.. I was always interested in entertainment so eveything came together.

2.What's the best thing about being a model?
JP - Traveling to places that you would never thought that one day you would be there and the Experience of living with strangers .This cultural exchange is extraordinary.
- Diversity always sounds good!

3.How did modeling changed your life?
JP - My best friends all over the world I met because I was traveling .. It would not be possible to have this connection with lots of my good friends if I was not modeling . They came to my life .I came to theirs. On my side I thank God and modeling for opening the doors.

4.What countries have you been to?[for work]
JP - Woww.. I have been in so many places. Spain, Belgium, Milian , Paris, Israel, Greece, Tokyo,Singapore, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, Thailand , Brazil....
-we agree, wow! :)

5.What are the 3 projects/jobs you've done which you consider the best?
JP - The best job is on the way , I believe i still working on it.
- we wish you success in whatever that is. :)

6.Who's your favorite model?
JP - Margot Corvalan, my girlfriend and Gisele Bundchen
-aww that is sweet, we hope we could feature your girlfriend too.

7.What's your personal style when dressing up?
JP - Eveyrday is a different day.. My jewerly and gold frames always with me..

8.What's your best asset?
JP - I believe GOD is my best asset ..Its priceless .
- one of thee best ever.

9.What's your message to those aspiring models?
JP - Do not do modeling if you're forced to do (modeling)... Do with passion and love .. not for the others...

10. What is the name of your label/brand and did you derived it from?
JP - NOT NOW I AM DANCING was created 3 years ago ..
I was in Space in Ibiza when I came with the idea of making this brand . I have close friends , singers and incredible artists collaborating with my label.. I want to unite forces and connect different artists with different styles.. Quality music with different sounds.
-sounds really awesome!

11. What influenced your music style?
JP - I am not influenced by anyone . I am not a follower . I am a music lover.. I love quality music. From Reggie to Pop and anyting in the between .. I love Eletronica, House music straight from Chicago or Paris..

12. If given a chance, to whom would you like to collaborate with?
JP - Brittney Spears

13. What made you venture in another career?
JP - Everything I do must do with passion. I have so much passion in Music, Movies , TV, Showbiz I must try everything in the right time.
- right timing is the key!

14. What's your future career plans/move?
JP - Who knows? God knows .. I am working in lots of things but I will keep it quiet from now on.
- we will be looking forward on this. :)

JP is really a multi-talented man, that's why the title of this entry is the one man army, he pretty much has everything you want. We love how he tied in, in this interview. It was indeed a pleasure having him featured here and we will always be a fan of JP. We hope that he'll succeed in all his good endeavors.

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