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Can't get enough of asian, can't get enough of Chiu Chan

Q&A By Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

AKA - Carmen Chan
Height - 5'9.5/ 176cm,
Nationality - Chinese
Hometown - Hong Kong,China 
Birthday - 9th Jan 1990

1.When and how did you become a model? 
Carmen - I started modeling in late May, June in 2009. I started by involving in a TV commercial of Motorola and spot out by a hairstylist. He took me to some test shoots working with some professional people, photographer makeup artist etc.  The photos are great and then many people started to find me out more and cooperate with various local and non-local photographers. I also participated in some fashion shows but photo shooting is my strength I would say. (I liked modeling because of catwalk so I will try more in this field, hopefully getting more chances and fashion week is my ultimate goal!)
-we absolutely believe you'll work it, may it be on photo shoots or in the runway

2.What differs modeling from other careers?
Carmen - Modeling is a diverse and fun activity. Firstly, you could interact with different people, across the industries such as fashion, photography, makeup and hair. You see a lot more things and hear a lot. So you grow more by working with people who are older than you.  Secondly, you get a lot of opportunities to travel. Thirdly, you need a lot of energy and right attitude to get things done! Everything is a challenge in modeling and I love challenges! =]
-we so love your attitude!way to go! :)

3.What's the best experience you've ever had from modeling?
Carmen - I had many wonderful experience although I did little modeling when I was in school in HongKong. I love creative test shoots because everything is so new and experimental, I get so excited when I have fun during the process and see so many gorgeous photos in the end!

4.If you're not a model, what would you be doing right now?
Carmen - I am actually a year 2 university student from The University of Hong Kong, doing international business. I used to study in the UK when I was in high school.  I am so glad that I have a chance to go to Paris for exchange (study at Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris), so that I can try modeling in Paris as well! (I just can't miss this valuable chance!) 
-Paris is just awesome!we hope you'll make it on the top one of these days!

5.What countries have you been to?(for work)
Carmen - Hong Kong is where I based in so far. But definitely trying to explore other opportunities. Like right now, I am going to Paris, also trying London for half a year. If things go well, maybe other places in Europe too. In the future, I will possibly go to Malaysia and Singapore, there is a TV show wants to feature me as one of the Asian new faces and KLFW. Although I have only been staying in Hong Kong.

6.Who's your favorite model?
Carmen - I love Asian faces and it is nice to know that Asian models are having more recognition and acceptance. for Korean, I love Daul Kim because of her style and character (so sad that she passed away recently, what a loss for the modeling world), In china, I like Du Juan. And most of all, I LOVE Ai Tominaga from Japan. She is super elegant, versatile and extraordinary. I have to admit that because of resemblance in terms of the facial features, I like her more! For others I like Karlie Kloss, daria werbowy, Natalia Vodianova, Lara Stone.
-Yes,yes,yes! They are all truly amazing!

7.What's your personal style when dressing up?
Carmen - I like being myself. I just wear comfortable clothes and most of the time no one noticed I am a model because my dressing style is quite low profile (laughs). But this is what I have to try working on. I have to build a strong character on styling myself. Now I am going to have a sharp short haircut I can look more different, same as dressing up.  

8.What's your best asset? My eyes and my versatility. I used to question my parents why I have single eyelids but all my family members don't. But I found (and people told me) that my eyes are most special point of myself. I can also handle different styles like strong makeup and from anything like boylish to very feminine.  I like to explore the extreme posing and try different things since I think modeling is an art =] 
-modeling,fashion = art!

9.What's your advice to those aspiring models?
Carmen - Modeling needs huge determination. Sometimes luck is important. I don't wait for opportunities and grab them. I create them and try my best without being satisfied at any point. Networking is very useful. You can start with some good photo shoots, one or two is enough to let people see your clean facial features. Then hopefully many others can see you and if the photographers, makeup artists want to cooperate with you, you will then build a stronger portfolio. Being sincere and kind to people is important since with modeling, you learn a lot by interacting with people. Therefore, outgoing character is a must : ) Also, I think treating it as an interest than as a job would be easier. If you think modeling is only a money-making tool, you cannot enjoy the fun part of it.
-we truly agree in everything you said!

We have to admit, Carmen has a very edgy look that's why we can't help but to feature her here. One pose, shoot and voila! Fierce! That's why we are very very grateful that she really took time in to answer our questions for her and we loved the fact that her efforts was really overwhelming. We will support you all through out Carmen!Bon voyage!

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