Thursday, February 4, 2010

Man on Fire: Aydin Yasalar

By Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

Height – 1.81
Nationality -Turkish
Hometown - Istanbul
Birthday - 16 03 1981
1. How did you become a model?
Aydin - It was a big opportunity for me. I wasn't thinking about modelling, but one of my friends told me to try this business and then he introduced me to some modelling agencies and photographers. After some initial shootings, they liked my pictures and made contracts.

2. What differs modelling from other careers?
Aydin - First it’s very adventurous, as a model have the chance to travel a lot, know new people, new cultures, and new countries. But in the other hand it is a job where you got to have a much disciplined life style. We have to be healthy and fit because we have to be ready for long working hours.
-we can see you’re truly fit! <3

3. What’s the best experience you've ever had from modelling?
Aydin - My best experience was the fashion shootings for Trendsetter magazine. We work with two photographers and two stylists at same time for haute couture and word famous fashion names. It was a very long work, twenty hours but the result was great.
- That was long but we bet it’s all worth it!

4. If you're not a model, what would you be doing right now?
Aydin - I would like to be a pharmacist.
- wow!

5. What countries have you been to? (For work)
Aydin – A long time in Turkey then in China and in Thailand.

6. Who’s your favourite model?
Aydin - Marcus Schenkenberg.
-actually you look like him in some angles!

7. What’s your personal style when dressing up?
Aydin - I love to wear t-shirt and jeans in my free days.

8. What are the things that are important to you?
Aydin - My passport and my mp3 player.

9. What’s your advice to those aspiring models?
Aydin - First thing is they must always keep in mind that their body are like a musical instrument, they have to care about it. They must also be to ready work hard and have good communication skills. They also have to do some acting lessons to help them in TV commercial shootings.

Aydin is a very warm and friendly guy, interviewing him is purely a pleasure because he’s really nice (not to mention super gorgeous!) that he was participating actively every single time with no fuss at all. We loved his personality a lot specially his down-to-earth attitude. To Aydin, we hope you will stay down-to-earth and kind because those things mean a lot to most people.

[Photos from Aydin]_

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  1. To see this familiar face whilst holidaying here in Brazil is very heart warming.... Go AYDIN...