Monday, March 29, 2010

Rising Soon: Eline Boon

By: Tiff of HERZEN Lifestyle Team

Height - 175
Nationality - Dutch
Hometown - Deventer
Birthday - 02.10.1988

1. When and how did you start modelling?
Eline - I started modelling when I was 16 years old, now I'm 22.

2. What’s the best thing about being a model?
Eline – The best thing is that you wear the most beautiful clothes, you never usually wear.

3. How did modelling changed your life?
Eline - No, it did not change anything. Maybe the boys think you're more interesting.

4. What countries have you been to?[for work]
Eline – Only in the Netherlands.

5. What are the 3 projects/jobs you've done which you consider the best?
Eline - InterCoiffure, for school Kuhn, from Switzerland.
Coiffure Award for Ami Hairdressers, photographer Hans Mooijer,
And the Coiffure Awards shoot voor XTRH Hairdressers, photographer Gilbert Duivesteijn.

6. Who’s your favourite model?
Eline - Agyness Deyn, and also TWIGGY!
- Who doesn’t adore them? They’re one of the best!

7. What’s your personal style when dressing up?
Eline - Edgy. Underground scene. Skinny, some pair of sneakers and an oversized cardigan or hoodie.
- Edgy style never dies! We just dig it!

8. What’s your best asset?
Eline – It should be my eyes, I could kill people, only with my eyes!
- We love your killer look!

9. What’s your message to those aspiring models?
Eline - Have confidence, and be who you really are!

Eline is really a nice girl behind that edgy look. She has this strong character that builds her personality up and makes her not the typical girly model we see on print. We love how she answered all the questions spontaneously and how warm she was the whole time. We know she will succeed in her career if she continues her hard work. To Eline, we will always support you and thank you for letting us interview you.

_[Photos from Eline’s account]

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